Project Overview
The "End of Path" experience was designed as a celebratory feature in the 1st90 app, marking the completion of a user's learning journey. This project aimed to recognize and reward users' achievements, enhancing their sense of accomplishment and encouraging continued engagement with the app.
Primary Objective
The primary goal was to create a memorable and rewarding experience for users as they complete a learning path. Recognizing their hard work and dedication was crucial in fostering a positive relationship with the app and motivating users to embark on new learning journeys.
Design Features
🎆 Fireworks Animation: Introduced a vibrant and dynamic fireworks display upon completion of a learning path, creating a visually stimulating celebratory moment.
🏠 Updated Homepage Interface: Redesigned the homepage to reflect the user's completed journey, incorporating elements that showcase their achievement and suggest new paths or courses to embark on.
Primary CTA: Access the To-Do List to continue your current learning goals.
Secondary CTA: Select your next path to embark on a new learning adventure.
💌 Personalized Congratulatory Message: Integrated a custom congratulatory message, acknowledging the user's effort and success, and offering encouragement for future learning.
💬 Interactive Elements: Added interactive elements to the celebration screen, allowing users to share their achievement on social media or with their peers within
User Experience Impact 
This new feature significantly enhanced the user experience by:
Making the learning journey more gratifying and visually appealing.
Encouraging users to engage with new content and continue their educational journey within the app.
Strengthening user loyalty and satisfaction through positive reinforcement.
The "End of Path" experience was met with positive feedback from users, who appreciated the recognition of their efforts. Engagement metrics showed an increase in users starting new learning paths after completing one, indicating the effectiveness of the celebratory feature in motivating continued learning.

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