Hello there! I'm Brady, a classically trained painter and art educator turned UI/UX Designer with a penchant for bringing creative flair into the digital world. My journey is a tapestry of art and technology, colored by my experiences and passions.
My professional voyage took an interesting turn when I was laid off from Lyft during the pandemic. This pivotal moment led me to explore the realms of UX design, a field where I could combine my artistic skills with user-centric problem solving. My tenure at Apple as a Business Pro further honed my skills in understanding customer needs and driving business growth.
My entrepreneurial spirit is evident from my time owning and operating Pub & Paint, where I organized over 2,000 events and fostered partnerships with renowned venues. These experiences have deeply influenced my approach to design - seeing it not just as a way to create visually appealing interfaces, but as a tool to build engaging experiences that resonate with users.
Currently, I am channeling my passion into UI/UX projects for clients like 1st90 and UnDigital. From revolutionizing login flows to crafting immersive features, my work focuses on enhancing user satisfaction and engagement, ensuring that each design not only aligns with the company’s brand but also elevates its digital presence.
As an artist at heart and a designer by profession, I bring a unique perspective to the tech world. My skills are not just limited to UI/UX design - I am also adept in user research, interaction design, and project management, among others. When I'm not designing, I indulge in oil painting, podcasting, and traveling, constantly seeking new inspirations and experiences.
I invite you to explore my portfolio at http://bradyux.myportfolio.com to see how my artistic vision and design expertise come together to create memorable digital experiences.
Christopher Starr smiling alongside his wife and their Malamute dog against a snowy backdrop, showcasing a warm family moment outdoors.

Adventures in the snow with my favorite co-explorers. Meet the team behind my inspiration!

Original Oil Painting (2022)

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