Design Features
Header with Branding and Navigation: The dashboard incorporates the UnDigital logo alongside a functional hamburger menu, which I custom-designed to provide easy navigation throughout the application. This intuitive setup ensures that all features are readily accessible, reinforcing user engagement.
Interactive Unboxing Experience: A key visual feature of the dashboard is an engaging photo depicting a customer unboxing a product, revealing a personalized print. This image not only highlights the unique service UnDigital offers but also connects emotionally with the user by showcasing the personal touch UnDigital provides.
Data Interaction Tools: Below the engaging image, users can toggle between options for "Personalized Prints" and "Personalized Packages." I incorporated a dropdown date picker to facilitate easy access to historical data, enhancing user interaction with the dashboard’s analytical tools.
Analytics Visualization: The dashboard showcases a condensed analytical graph that, when tapped, expands into a detailed, scrollable page. This functionality allows users to dive deeper into specific data points, providing a seamless transition between overview and detailed analysis.
Campaign Navigation: Underneath the analytics display, I designed a streamlined, single-column list of marketing campaigns. This section includes previews of each campaign and an intuitive navigation system that guides users back to the top of the list for efficient browsing.
Persistent Call-to-Action: A sticky footer with the slogan "Create an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience" invites users to engage directly with creating or enhancing their marketing campaigns. This feature includes a custom-designed graphic that utilizes elements from UnDigital’s design system, ensuring brand consistency and enhancing the visual appeal of the interface.
Color and Design System
The UI utilizes a color palette derived from UnDigital’s design system, ensuring consistency across the platform while highlighting key features using complementary colors. This thoughtful use of color not only reinforces the brand identity but also guides the user’s attention to important actions and information.
This project was an exciting opportunity to blend functionality with aesthetics to create a compelling and effective user interface. The UnDigital mobile dashboard is designed to be not only a tool but also an extension of the brand's commitment to personalized customer experiences, encouraging increased user interaction and satisfaction.

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