Screenshots of the 1st90 app login experience.

For the 1st90 app, the initial signup process posed a significant barrier to entry for new users. Feedback indicated that users found the process to be cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to a high drop-off rate. The challenge was to simplify this process while also creating an engaging first interaction with the app. The aim was to reduce friction and make the login experience not just intuitive, but also a visually compelling introduction to the 1st90 experience.
To address these issues, I reimagined the login experience from the ground up. The solution was a streamlined signup process with fewer steps and clearer instructions, significantly reducing user effort and entry time. Complementing this, I crafted a custom video background for the login screens using artistic images generated through AI, adding a layer of engagement and visual storytelling. These screenshots showcase the transformation into a more inviting and simplified login experience. The new process not only aligns with the app’s innovative spirit but also enhances the user’s initial encounter with the brand, setting a positive tone for their journey with 1st90.
Final Prototype

Set against a dynamic background video showcasing diverse, powerful professionals, this prototype invites users to immerse themselves in a world where sophistication meets functionality. Test the seamless process yourself by creating a new account and logging into the app – a blend of aesthetics and practicality, designed for the modern user.

My Role
As the lead UI/UX Designer for the 1st90 app's login experience, my role encompassed a comprehensive overhaul of the signup process. I conducted user research to identify pain points in the existing system, synthesized the findings, and developed a strategy to reduce complexity and user drop-offs. I was responsible for redesigning the user flow, which involved simplifying the number of steps required to create an account and ensuring the instructions were clear and concise.
Leveraging my skills in visual design and video editing, I created a custom video background that integrated seamlessly into the login screens. The visuals for this video were sourced from a collection of artistic images generated by AI, selected for their ability to resonate with the app’s diverse user base and to embody the brand's innovative ethos.
Throughout this project, I worked closely with the development team to implement the new design, ensuring technical feasibility and maintaining the integrity of the UX across different device platforms. My role was a blend of analytical problem-solving and creative execution, resulting in an enhanced login experience that contributed to increased user engagement and a smoother onboarding process for the 1st90 app.

This view showcases the optimized user interface designed specifically for mobile users, offering seamless navigation and a responsive design. Perfect for on-the-go access, it's where convenience meets style in the palm of your hand.

This layout is tailored for the expansive web interface, providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Discover the ease of logging in from your desktop, where clarity and functionality blend to enhance your digital interaction.

Login Video by Christopher Starr

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