The Challenge
In the world of digital learning, the transition between steps of a course is often overlooked, leading to missed opportunities for engagement and feedback. For 1st90, the challenge was to transform the 'End of Step' screen from a mere navigational function to a rewarding experience that encourages user feedback and enhances satisfaction.
To tackle this, I designed an 'End of Step' experience where virtual doors open to reveal the completion screen, coupled with a celebratory confetti animation that delights users. This not only visually rewards the user for their accomplishment but also seamlessly introduces a feedback mechanism. Users are prompted to rate the step and provide comments, turning a routine interaction into a fun, engaging moment that directly informs continuous UX improvement.
My Role
As the UI/UX Designer for the "End of Step" experience at 1st90, my responsibility was to inject a sense of accomplishment and celebration into the learning platform. I conceptualized and executed an interactive feature where, upon completion of a learning step, users are met with an animated sequence of doors opening to a shower of confetti. This visually rewarding moment not only serves as positive reinforcement but also smoothly transitions users to a feedback module.
I spearheaded the integration of a rating system and feedback form into the completion screen, designing it to be intuitive and engaging. My role extended beyond the visuals; I was actively involved in iterating the design based on user interactions and feedback, ensuring the solution was not only aesthetically pleasing but also effective in gathering user insights to refine the learning experience.
Collaborating closely with developers, I ensured the animation and feedback features were implemented to specification, optimizing for both performance and user delight. Through this project, I aimed to elevate the user journey, turning routine progress checkpoints into opportunities for users to voice their experience, thereby fostering a continuous loop of user-informed design enhancements.

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