Part 1: The Mobile App

Final Design - 2024

🌟 Introducing 1st90
Envision a world where acquiring new skills and habits is seamlessly integrated into your daily life. Welcome to 1st90 – an innovative leader in the realm of mobile learning solutions. 1st90 is redefining the journey of knowledge acquisition and personal growth, making it not just informative but exhilarating and transformative.
1st90 is not just a platform; it's a revolutionary approach to professional development. It's mobile learning app is designed to activate new skills and habits in just minutes per day, catering to a diverse audience ranging from new recruits and managers to sales teams. With 1st90, busy professionals can embark on unique learning journeys, developing new competencies in real-time without disrupting their work schedule.
📚 The Vision
At 1st90, the mission is clear: to revolutionize the way professional learning is conducted by embedding it into the daily workflow. They are committed to enhancing on-the-job learning, building essential habits, facilitating quick skill acquisition, promoting peer learning, and customizing experiences to align with individual and organizational needs.
🌐 1st90 Home 3.0
At the heart of this groundbreaking project is 1st90 Home 3.0 – a dynamic platform meticulously designed to empower and transform. Join us as we explore its scientific underpinnings, user-centric ethos, and innovative features that are reshaping the world of learning.
The Challenge
The original user interface, while functional, had its limitations. Users found it challenging to navigate through the learning platform and lacked a clear sense of where they stood in their learning journey. Accessing features from different pages required unnecessary clicks, impacting user experience.

1st90 aimed to address these concerns while maintaining a clean and simple user interface, with a constant focus on the primary Call to Action (CTA).
The Solution
Behold the all-new 1st90 Home 3.0 – a dynamic, user-centric learning platform that sets the stage for a remarkable learning journey. Our redesigned user interface addresses the challenges of the past while introducing innovative features that enhance user engagement and clarity.

Unlocking the Potential of Personalized Learning


A Transformative Learning Experience
Key Improvements:
Interactive Widgets:
Dynamic widgets for instant learning journey visibility.

Engaging Bounce:
An animated home screen indicates more to explore below for an interactive experience.

Step Immersion:
Step's featured image serves as a visual cue and an immersive background.

1st90 Home 3.0 strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. The leading Call to Action (CTA) remains constant, ensuring easy access to key features, while the redesigned home screen provides users with a clear sense of where they are in their learning journey.

Designed to be customizable by the user's organization. (Logos and color themes used as a hypothetical treatment, not reflective of actual client examples.)

Video Samples

Designed to be accessible while serving as a platform for various brands. (Hypothetical clients of 1st90)

Custom widget designs open full pages for an immersive experience. 

Dynamic backgrounds change as users progress through their learning journey. 

Users seamlessly navigate through sections of this comprehensive app. 

Tracking Progress Made Easy – The Your Progress Widget and Interactive Overlay in 1st90 Home 3.0: A Seamless Journey to Achievement
Guiding Your Learning Journey – The Your Path Widget and Step-by-Step Progress in 1st90 Home 3.0: Charting Your Path to Success.
Efficient Task Management, Community Engagement, Resource Library, and Friendly Competition – Explore the Interactive Widgets That Elevate Learning on 1st90 Home 3.0.

This prototype illustrates how 1st90 Home 3.0 enhances user interaction and simplifies navigation, making learning and exploration an enjoyable experience. Try it for yourself below:
Part Two: The Web App

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