Video contains motion and interaction design from the onboarding experience.

Project Overview
This project focused on redesigning the web onboarding experience for 1st90, an innovative micro-learning app. The primary goal was to streamline the process, reducing the number of clicks and making the flow more intuitive. Key improvements included the elimination of unnecessary borders and navigation paths, creating a smoother and more user-friendly experience from the very first interaction.
The original onboarding experience for 1st90's web application involved multiple steps, redundant clicks, and non-intuitive navigation paths that could potentially overwhelm or confuse new users. The challenge was to simplify this process while ensuring that essential user information was captured efficiently.
The Solution
The redesign focused on the following key areas:
Customized User Path: Integrated polls and questions right at the beginning of the onboarding process to tailor the user's experience based on their responses.
Streamlined Information Collection: Redesigned the information input stages, focusing on essential details like name and photo, to make the process quicker and more engaging.
Intuitive Design and Flow: Reimagined the user interface to minimize clicks and simplify navigation. This involved removing unnecessary borders and creating a more direct path to the main content.
Engaging Visuals: Incorporated visually appealing elements aligned with 1st90's brand identity to create an inviting and professional first impression.
The redesigned onboarding process was well-received, with users reporting a more enjoyable and less overwhelming experience. Key metrics showed a reduction in the time taken to complete the onboarding process and an increase in user satisfaction scores. The new design effectively set the tone for the engaging and user-centric approach of the 1st90 app.

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